This is Game Match!

What we offer.

Game Match is a social community where tabletopgamers across Europe can find eachother to experience their hobby. With Game Match you can find your ideal gaming partner(s) and contact them for your ideal gamenight, based on location, availability, type of game and/or personality.

Tabletop games, a growing hobby.

Our members are called “Tabletop Gamers” – a broad range of people who like to sit behind a table and play a game. Whether classics such as chess or draughts, or modern variants such as Santorini or Twilight Imperium III … Whether long boardgame campaigns or epic wargame sessions… What we all have in common is that we look for the perfect gaming partner. Register and enter the wonderful world of tabletop gaming, a world based on social contacts, excitement and pleasure.

Gameclubs, Gamegroups & Gamecafé’s.

Game groups and clubs can also use Game Match. Do you want to attract new members to your game club? Do you have trouble finding a Dungeon Master for your game group?

Register now and let the tabletop world know that you exist! Give us the necessary public information and let everyone know how much room you have in your group. Registration is free for everyone.

Would you like people to find their way to your Game Café?

Gamecafés can create a profile on Game Match  by adding their café to our database of Game Stores or a personal Game Space where they can showcase their store to our members. And this is completely free!

Note that advertising space can also be bought on the Game Match homepage.

Whatever your choice, give all Game Match visitors and members the opportunity to find your café and discover what you have to offer. Give us the required information via our form and we will add your café to our list as soon as possible.

Events, Conventions & Competitions

Hundreds of game events take place every year in different parts of the world where avid gamers meet to find, play and buy the latest games.

On Game Match you can find all tabletop games-related events, whether they are national or international. Our calendar allows you to find out which event is taking place and when.

Is an event not listed or do you have an event you wish to share with the world, whether an elaborate tournament or a simple gamenight at your house or club? Let us know and we will add to the list as soon as possible.

Do you wish to showcase your event? Let us know and we will put you on the Game Match homepage for a minimal cost, giving your event the visibility it deserves to all our users and visitors. Contact us via the form and we will highlight your event as quickly as possible!

What the Future brings!

More gamecafés – events – …

Community Requests:

We currently only serve Dutch-speaking areas: Belgium and the Netherlands. Although the site should be able to serve other areas without problems, we will only switch to other languages in the next phase.

Although this site works perfectly on a mobile phone, we are still planning to develop an app version of this. Interested parties can always contact Game Match.

Do you have a game café, a convention or an event that you want us to show on our site? Let us know and we will review your request and put it on the site.

If you would like to see something added on our site, let us know and maybe together we can make this service better!



Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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