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Game Match Info & FAQ’s

  • How do I adjust or complete my profile?

    To get an appropriate match on Game Match you must complete your profile as well as possible by filling in the available options.

    You will find this in your ‘Profile’ tab between ‘Activity’ and ‘Location’. If you then click on ‘Edit’ you can adjust your profile.


You can adjust or add the various data via the settings.
You can find various groups:

Basic – Boardgaming Roleplaying – Wargaming
Cardgames – Game ethics – About me

This data is used for searching and finding new matches. If, for example, you are a roleplayer looking for other roleplayers, you will find them here. Questions or groups that you do not wish to fill in can be left blank or skipped.

For a list of all Groups and questions view our FAQ under “Profile Options.

To adjust groups and questions, click on “Edit”, select the correct group and enter the necessary information. Then click on “Save” to save the modifications.

How do I adjust or complete my location??

Game Match uses Geo-location so that you can use your location to find gamers in your neighborhood or surroundings. You can find this in your profile under ‘Location’ next to ‘Profile’ and ‘Notifications’. If you type in a new location and click “Update location” you change your current location.

If you delete your location, you will no longer appear Game Match‘s geolocation search. Other members will only be able to find you via your entered environment or the other settings of your profile.

PLEASE NOTE: do NOT enter your complete address if you are an individual, this is a public forum. Consider your privacy.

  • Looking for:

    On Game Match you can find the following types of tabletop gamers. Tabletop gaming is a combination of a large number of games usually played at a table, using various items and objects.

    • Boardgamer 
      People who play board games, usually at a table. For example: Monopoly, Carcassonne, Catan, Dead of Winter and many others.
    • Roleplayer
      Role plays where one can immerse oneself in a fictional character who goes on an adventure alone or with other players and / or bring a story to an end.
    • Wargamer
      Wargamers recreate large battles at a table with the help of thumbnails, chits and other mechanisms.
    • Playtester
      Playtesters are people willing to test prototypes of new and future games in order to identify possible errors in the gameplay. If you would like to help budding game designers realize their dream game, this option is for you.
  • Boardgaming
    • Themes  — Select the game themes you like to play.
    • Mechanics — Mechanisms that you can find in a game based on a fixed set of rules. There are various mechanisms that often overlap one another. For more information see “Boardgamegeek Mechanics“.
      Game Match use the following list of mechanics:
    • Acting – Programming – Area Control – Auction/Bidding – Betting – Drafting – Cooperative – Speculation – Deck / Dice Building – Dice Rolling – Grids – Hand Management – Hex & Counter – Memory – Drawing – Roll / Move & Write – Patterns – Pick-up & Deliver – Player Elimination – Press Your Luck – Rock-Paper-Scissors – Roll & Move – Building / Creation – Stock Holding – Take That – Trick-Taking – Variable Powers – Worker Placement – Tile Placement – Voting – Singing – Simulation – Hidden Move/Info – Deduction – Storytelling – Set Collection
    • Genres
      • Family Games — Games that you can play with the whole family such as Monopoly, Life, Azul and others.
      • Party Games — Games that are mainly played in groups with social mechanisms such as Werewolf, Codenames, Cards against Humanity and others.
      • Eurogames — Type of board games often including indirect interaction between players and abstract components that are mainly of strategic nature, such as Catan, Puerto Rico, Carcassonne, and others.
      • Thematic/Ameritrash — Board games with a high thematic content, characters, heroes and others with different abilities, player vs player conflicts and often with a very high chance factor. Eg Cosmic Encounter, Twilight Imperium, Kemet, etc.
      • Print & Play — Games that you have printed yourself, especially free games or independently created games via, for example, TheGameCrafter.
      • Homebrew — Home-made games, often prototypes, with home-made game elements, rules and others.
      • Kickstarter — Games that can only be purchased through Kickstarters and other similar organizations.
  • Roleplaying
    • Game-list — List of the best-known role plays. You can contact us if you want to add a role play to the list.
    • Game-types
      • One-shots — Role plays that only take one evening.
      • Campaigns — Role plays that take several evenings until the story ends.
      • Epics — Continuing role plays with the same characters in various adventures and campaigns.
  • Wargaming
    • Systemen — Select the wargaming systems you enjoy playing. Game Match uses the following systems to make matches:
      • Hex & Counter, Block Games, Card Driven, Battle Card, Driven, Point to, Movement, Area Impulse, Miniatures, Clix, Chit Pull, Andere
  • Card games
    • Types
      • Trading Card Games — Card games where cards can be traded, especially when cards are rarer than others. Eg INWO, Magic the Gathering,…
      • Collectible Card Games — Card games with cards specially designed for the game and often with high quality artwork such as Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh and others.
      • Living Card Games — Card games where every buyer has the same cards with which they can create personalized decks. Eg A Game of Thrones LCG, Lord of the Rings LCG and others.
      • Fixed Deck — Card games with a fixed deck cards such as Poker, Love Letter, UNO and others.
      • Unique Deck — Card games with a unique deck of cards such as Keyforge.
    • Games — A list of known card games that you would like to play.
  • Game ethics
    • Smoking / Vaping – If smoking or vaping is allowed during a game.
    • Refreshments – If you allow eating or drinking during a game.
    • Competitivity – Define your level of competitivity during a game.
    • Playroom – If you have a playroom at your disposal and / or are willing to welcome people in your home.
    • Mobile – To what extent do you accept the use of mobile, laptops or other gadgets for non-game related moments during a game.
    • Music & ambiance – If music or other background sounds are allowed during a game.
    • Pleasure Level – Define the level of exuberance/fun accepted during a game.
    • Ruleslawyer Amount – Define how important the respect of the rules is for you during a game.
    • Play Speed ​​- Define your average play speed.
    • Animal friendliness – If you don’t mind having animals around while gaming.
    • Child friendliness – If you don’t mind having kids around while gaming.
    • Use of language – Define the level of coarseness tolerated during a game.
    • Language skills – Define the languages you can speak or wish to speak during a game.
    • No-go Zones – Discussion topics that you would rather not discuss during a game night.
  • About me
    • Status – Whether you are single, married or otherwise.
    • Interests – Centres of interests you have aside from tabletop gaming.
    • Best / Worst game – The best and/or the worst game you have ever played.
    • Best / Worst Experience – Anecdote about your best and/or worst tabletop game experience.
    • Wishlist – Games you absolutely want to play.
    • Hatelist – Games you absolutely don’t want to play.
    • BGG Profile & BGG Gamelist – Link to your Boardgamegeek profile and games list.
  • Is this a dating site?

    Game Match is a site where tabletop gamers can easily find each other and make appointments to play one or more games together. Game Match is therefore not a dating or hook-up site and it is therefore not the intention to address people for this particular reason. 
    That being said, fate has its own way and consenting adults can make their own choices.

  • Unwanted entities?

    Game Match is a community for like-minded people looking for game partners. We do our utmost to prevent so-called rotten apples from registering on the site.

    • Bots and fake accounts will, once discovered, be immediately removed and banned from the site.
    • Members who don’t know how to behave will also be banned if their behavior is inconsistent with norms and values. However, we hope that conflicts will be resolved internally and that our members will be careful and always keep in mind that some individuals are not to be trusted.
    • Game Match is not a mediator and has a strictly neutral position on politics and religion.  Game Match is not going to interfere with personal disputes and we advise you to always inform the appropriate authorities in extreme cases. However, you can report people misbehaving on our site on We will take the necessary measures after further inquiry. 
    • Individuals who want to promote a game evening through Game Match can do it for free via this page. All events can be found on the event page as “Game Night”
    • Shops, cafés and other organizations can request advertising space for various periods of time and at a reasonable price via our form.
    • On Gamespace
      • 1 month: €80
      • 2 month: €100
      • 3 month: €120
      • 6 month: €150
    • On Homepage
      • 1 month: € 80+ location costs
      • 2 month: € 100 + location costs
      • 3 month: € 120 + location costs
      • 6 month: € 150 + location costs
Why is there no “all genres / themes / mechanisms” selection field?

By adding such a vague field, the system would only find matches between people who also selected “all genres / themes / mechanisms”, so you would miss a very large number of matches with people who are more selective.

Therefore, by selecting various specific options, you better your odds at finding matches.

Why is my game not listed?

We try to add as many popular games as possible to our database. It is however impossible to list all the available games on the market; not only would it make the lists quite tedious to read through but it would also reduce your chances to find an appropriate match.

We will nevertheless add a game to our lists if there is sufficient demand for it. In the meantime, you can add the games that we don’t have to the “Wishlist” section in your profile under “About me”.

Where do the money donations go?

All donations are used for our site and the services we offer, ranging from server and other costs to improvements to the site, creation of the app and others.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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